All the subjects taught are in line with the curriculum prescribed by the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary & Higher Secondary Education, Pupils are prepared for the SSC Examination, which they appear for at the end of Std. X.

All our classrooms are equipped with an Interactive White Board which is extensively used to support and enhance the students’ learning process.

Besides academic subjects, there is a great emphasis on sports and on character building and personality development so that pupils can be outstanding citizens.


We have recently set up a Learning Support centre in collaboration with The Morris Foundation, to help children who have learning difficulties. Our trained remedial teachers work on a one to one with the children, using special teaching methods and tools. The sessions are interactive and enjoyable, leading to skill development and conceptual clarity, leading to improved academic performance.


Games are compulsory and every boy and girl has to play games daily.Football, basket ball, volley ball, hand ball, hockey, throw ball and athletics are played in the evenings under the supervision of special coaches and physical education teachers.

The boys and girls are allocated different houses. In order to encourage a spirit of healthy competition, various inter house matches and athletic competitions are held every year.

It is compulsory for boarders to represent their house in inter house competitions. All points scored by individual pupils are for the house.

Indoor games such as draughts, chess, carrom, etc. are also encouraged.