Boarding School Facilities


The boarders from Upper Kindergarten to Std, IV are accommodated in a spacious dormitory. Class wise dormitories are under the care of a resident matron and supported by domestic helpers and a school nurse.

The boarders of the secondary section (Std. V to Std. X)  reside separately in another dormitory building under the supervision of hostel supervisors.

The girls of the secondary section are housed in a wing of the Principal’s bungalow.


The school has a medical consultant who visits the school every day and the school nurse is available 24 hours.   In case of serious illness, necessary hospital care is provided by the school and parents are informed immediately and are requested to come and take charge of the child and take him/her home if required for necessary treatment.


Meals are prepared under careful supervision and served in the large Dining Room which seats over 200 children at a time.  All the meals are vegetarian; however, eggs are also served.

Every pupil in the primary section from UKG to IV is given a cup of milk in the morning and at tea time.

The normal meals are breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner.