Primary Boarding: 020 2668 1166, Secondary Boarding: 020 2668 1626, Day School: 020 2668 9176.
Primary Boarding: 020 2668 1166, Secondary Boarding: 020 2668 1626, Day School: 020 2668 9176.



Children are usually admitted at the beginning of the academic year in the 1st week of June. Every admission form must be accompanied by the original birth certificate issued by the proper authority in case of admission to Upper K.G. or Std I.

In case of admissions to higher classes, a Leaving Certificate from the last school is required and in the case of students from outside Maharashtra, the L.C must be counter signed by the Education Officer of that state.

Boys and girls will be admitted to the standard for which they are found fit after a written test. No student above the age of 18 will be admitted as a boarder.

The school authorities have the right to refuse admission to any boy or girl.


All students being admitted as boarders must pay Rs 5000/- caution money. If a student fails to join the school by the specified period, the amount will be refunded on producing the original receipt for the same. The caution money will also be refunded when a student leaves the school after giving one month notice, provided the student has no outstanding bills and has no library books or any other school property in his possession. The caution money will be refunded only in the month of June following the date when it becomes payable.

Fees can be paid in two instalments after the 1st year.

On payment of fees a “CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE” will be issued to the students which enable a child to use the dormitories. House supervisors and matrons are ordered not to accept any student to the dormitories unless he/she is in possession of the “CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE”.

A student joining late in the term will have to pay the full term’s fees.

Once a student is admitted to the hostel, he/she will have to pay full fees for the entire term.

Payment of Bills

All fees must be paid in advance. Outstanding dues must be settled at the beginning of the term. If the bill remains unpaid, 12% interest will be charged on all the bills. The Principal can request the removal of any pupil whose accounts are in arrears.

Bills must be paid by Demand Draft Only. Drafts should be made payable to “Dr. (Mrs.) Erin N. Nagarvala School, Pune”.

Cheques are not accepted by the school.

All queries pertaining to bills should be referred in writing to the trustees.

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