Primary Boarding: 020 2668 1166, Secondary Boarding: 020 2668 1626, Day School: 020 2668 9176.
Primary Boarding: 020 2668 1166, Secondary Boarding: 020 2668 1626, Day School: 020 2668 9176.

Fact Sheet

1 Introduction
2 LKG & UKG Information
3 Rules
4 School Uniform
5 Recommendations to Parents
6 Leave of Absence
7 Beginning and End of Term
8 Evaluations
9 Withdrawal
10 Parent-Teacher's Association
1 Introduction

The National Model School was founded by the Late Mr. N. D. Nagarvala and the Late Dr. (Mrs.) Erin N. Nagarvala and a group of likeminded teachers, who from their experience of teaching in Public Schools, realized the need for quality educational institutions for pupils of the middle and lower income groups. Their aim was to create good future citizens of India by inculcating in their pupils a spirit of tolerance,  integrity, a sense of responsibility and national pride.


The school was renamed Dr. (Mrs.) Erin N. Nagarvala  Primary & Secondary School  in memory of the late Dr. (Mrs.) Erin N. Nagarvala who passed away on  20th   May 1985.


The National Education Society which manages the Dr. (Mrs.) E. N. Nagarvala Schools consists of the following units:


Residential School


  • Pre – Primary School (U KG)
  • Primary School      ( Stds I to IV )
  • Secondary School  ( Stds V to X  )


Day School


  • Pre – Primary School ( L.KG  & UKG )
  • Primary School        ( Stds. I to VII    )
  • Secondary School    ( Stds. VIII to X )


The School is recognized by the Department of Education of the Maharashtra State Government. (S.S.C.Board). The medium of instruction is English. The revised syllabus laid down by the Education Department of Maharashtra State is followed.


Our Staff is well qualified to teach all subjects. Due importance is given to Physical Education, Art & Craft, Co- curricular & Extra-curricular activities. Every effort is made to build character through games, group activities, dramatics, elocution, and library. Special emphasis is laid on making pupils physically and mentally alert and also aware of their obligation towards God, their Parents, Elders, the Country and their fellowmen.

2 LKG & UKG Information

We insist on punctuality. Children must be in school by 9.20 a.m. as the gates will shut at 9.30 a.m. Please ensure your rickshaw / van drivers are on time or your child will be sent home.


  • School ends at 12.30 p.m. Please ensure your child is picked up promptly and inform the class teacher the name of the person who will be picking up your child.
  • Please do not send your child to school if he / she is unwell. Send a leave note when he / she is well enough to return to school.
  • If your child suffers from a serious medical condition please inform the Headmistress.
  • We discourage long leave for weddings and other functions. If such occasions are unavoidable please apply in writing to the Headmistress.
  • Inform the school immediately if there is any change in your contact numbers.
  • Allocation of classes and seating arrangements are at the discretion of the Headmistress and Teachers. No special requests will be entertained.
  • There are no Tuitions in school.
  • Birthday parties are not permitted in school. Children are only allowed to distribute sweets.
  • Please label all your child’s belongings with his / her name and class clearly written in permanent ink to avoid any inconvenience.
  • All your child’s books should be covered neatly and should look well kept and tidy for the entire year.




  • Pupils must wear the correct uniform daily.
  • The regular uniform is a red and white checked shirt with navy blue shorts / skirt with blue canvas shoes and navy blue socks.
  • The red and black uniform (P.T. uniform) must be worn on Wednesdays unless otherwise specified.
  • Sandals or slippers are not permitted to be worn.
  • Party clothes are not permitted at any time, including Birthdays.
  • The school ID card must be worn daily. In case of damage or loss a new one will be issued at the cost of Rs.100
  • Please pin a small hanky on the shirt.
  • Please provide an extra set of clothes and underwear in case of accidents and for the rainy season.
  • All the girls must wear a simple black hair band. Colourful hair accessories are not permitted.  Earrings if worn must be a simple gold or silver stud or ring not more than 1 cm. in diameter. Earrings with diamonds and coloured stones are not permitted.


Mid Morning Snack


  • Please ensure you provide a separate bag for books and food.
  • Pack a healthy snack and please do not include items that are oily or have a lot of gravy.
  • Pack the snack in a box that is easy to open but it should  have a firm lid to avoid leaks.
  • Include a spoon and a small hand towel in the lunch bag.
  • Water must be sent in a water bottle that has a well fitting cap, is easy to open and does not leak. Please do not send water in recycled soft drink bottles.


Parent / Teacher / Child Communication


  • Parents are requested to ensure they take an active part in their child’s school work. This includes talking to them about their day, doing a fun activity with them such as colouring or reading a story and ensuring that homework is always completed.
  • Please check your child’s bag daily in case there is any message or circular from school.
  • Please communicate in writing with the teacher if required. Parents are not permitted to go into the classroom. If there is an emergency please ask to see the Headmistress.
  • Open Day is held on the last Saturday of every month to give you an opportunity to discuss your child’s progress. If you bring your child to Open Day please ensure they come dressed in the red and black uniform, wearing school shoes.
  • We encourage our parents to speak to their children in English whenever possible.
  • Please make your child watch at least 30 minutes every day of a suitable English Language program on Television. Preferably Animal Planet, National Geographic and even some cartoons are suitable.




  • If a child is withdrawn from the school within one month after being admitted, 10% of the total fees will not be refunded. If a child is withdrawn thereafter the deduction will be on a pro-rata basis.
  • Those pupils who leave in April must pay their fees for May also. Notice of leaving school must be given before the beginning of the holidays otherwise fees for the following term will have to be paid.
  • Pupils who leave the school in March or April must pay the fees for April and May.
3 Rules

School Calendar:


  1. The Calendar must be brought to school daily and maintained carefully.
  2. Notices are regularly sent through the calendar.
  3. Parents are expected to go through the calendar regularly and sign it to ensure that homework is completed.
  4. A student who damages or loses the calendar is expected to buy a new one.


General Discipline


  1. Rules of discipline should be strictly observed. Parents should realize that their wards are responsible to the School Authorities for their conduct in School. Any reported misconduct in or outside the School on the part of the pupil is liable to disciplinary action.
  2. Irregular attendance, habitual lack of interest in school work, words or actions departing from the conventions of good conduct, smoking, consumption of alcohol or drugs, insubordination, cheating, stealing, misconduct, even outside the premises of the school or any other malpractice, are reasons enough to ask for the withdrawal of a student from the school.
  3. Any student who is persistently and repeatedly or willfully mischievous or guilty of malpractice in connection with examinations, or has committed an act of serious indiscipline or misbehaviour, or who in the opinion of the school authorities has an unwholesome influence on the students may be expelled permanently or suspended for a specified period from the school.
  4. Management reserves the right to admit, reject or remove any pupil from the School.
  5. Pupils are expected to show courtesy and respect to all; both in and outside the School. They must stand to attention and greet staff members and visitors to the School. Movement within the School premises must strictly be in an orderly line.
  6. Pupils must stand to attention when a teacher enters a classroom, reply to the greeting and sit down only when told to do so. Text and note books must be ready on the pupil’s desk before the teacher enters the classroom. There should be no loud talking within the classroom or in the corridors when classes are in progress.
  7. All pupils and Teachers must converse in English. Punctuality, Polite speech and conduct, correct uniform, neat books and timely submission of homework is both expected and appreciated.
  8. Punctuality is absolutely essential. Pupils from Std. II to Std. X are expected to be in school by 8.20 a.m. The school gates will shut at 8.30 a.m. Pupils from LKG – Std. I are expected to be in school by 9.20 a.m. The gates will shut at 9.30 a.m. Students who arrive late may be sent home. Please ensure the rickshaw / bus driver is made aware of this regulation.
  9. Half day holidays are not allowed. Pupils are permitted to go out of school only at the end of the school day. Please do not fix any appointments during school time.
  10. Pupils are responsible for the safe custody of their belongings. The School will not   be responsible for any loss or theft. Pupils are advised not to bring money or other valuable articles with them. Watches are not permitted to be worn.
  11. Bringing of mobile phones to School is strictly prohibited and if found, these will be confiscated. The phones will be returned to the parents at the end of the school year.
  12. Students are not permitted to bring whiteners, blades. Holi colours and firecrackers to school. If a student is found possessing any of these he / she will be suspended for a week.
  13. Care should be taken to keep the School premises clean. Throwing rubbish, writing on walls or desks, destroying plants or damaging School property is strictly prohibited. If school property is damaged or destroyed the cost of repairs and / or replacements will have to be borne by the parents.
  14. No books , periodicals or magazines other than approved by the School authorities may be brought to School .If a pupil is found in possession of any  objectionable material such as books, magazines, CD’s, USB devices, F.Ms, and I-pods, the material will be confiscated and the pupil will face suitable disciplinary action.
  15. Any rough play or fighting that may lead to bodily harm to pupils or staff members will be dealt with firmly and may lead to suspension or expulsion. Disciplinary action will also be taken against students who use foul language.
  16. In the event of any School excursion or educational tour the pupil will have to submit the consent form (duly filled and signed by the parent) to the class teacher in advance. The School is not in any way responsible for the safety of your child though every precaution will be taken in that respect. A student who has more than 5 remarks about bad behaviour in his / her calendar will not be taken on any school trips.
4 School Uniform
  1. Pupils must wear the proper uniform to School on all School days, School Functions and on Open days. Cleanliness of dress and person is expected from every pupil. Pupils who come to school in incorrect or shabby uniform will be sent home.
  2. Boys must have a short haircut and girls are expected to comb their hair neatly into two plaits with a centre parting and wear black hair-bands and black ribbons. Those boys who fail to get a haircut will have their hair cut in school by the school barber at a cost of Rs. 100.
  3. Black leather shoes and black socks will be worn daily.
  4. School P.T. shoes must be worn ONLY on days when there is P.T. Multi coloured sports shoes and studs are not permitted.
  5. Pupils are not allowed to wear nail polish, mehendi, tattoos, watches or any kind of jewellery in the hands, feet, neck or fingers.  Girls who have used mehendi will be sent home and may not attend school until the entire colour is removed.
  6. Girls are permitted to wear earrings, however these must be plain gold or silver studs or gold or silver rings; the diameter of which should be no more than 1 cm. Earrings with diamonds and coloured stones are not permitted. Nose rings are not permitted.  


Please check the class timetable on the first page of this calendar to ensure your child wears the correct uniform every day.


UNIFORM LIST 2016 – 2017


Class Boys Girls
STD 1  



Red T-Shirt Red T-Shirt
Black Shorts with a red stripe Black Divided Skirt
Khaki Shirt with ENNS Numerals Khaki Blouse with ENNS Numerals
Khaki Shorts Khaki Skirt
Black Cycling Shorts
Black Shoes Black Shoes
Black Socks Black Socks
Blue Sports Shoes (Unistar) Blue Sports Shoes (Unistar)



Red T-Shirt Red T-Shirt
Black Shorts with a red stripe Black Divided Skirt
T-Shirt (House Colour) T-shirt (House Colour)
Khaki Shirt with ENNS Numerals Khaki Blouse with ENNS Numerals
Khaki Shorts Khaki Skirt
Black & Yellow Belt Black & Yellow Belt
Black Shoes Black Cycling Shorts
Black Socks Black Shoes
Blue Sports Shoes (Unistar) Black Socks
Blue Sports Shoes (Unistar)



Red T-Shirt Red T-Shirt
Black Trousers Black Divided Skirt
T-Shirt (House Colour) T-shirt (House Colour)
Black P.T. shorts Black P.T. Shorts with a white stripe
Khaki Blouse with ENNS Numerals
Khaki Shirt with ENNS Numerals Khaki Skirt
Khaki Trousers Black & Yellow Belt
Black & Yellow Belt Black Cycling Shorts
Black Shoes Black Shoes
Black Socks Black Socks
Blue Sports Shoes (Unistar) Blue Sports Shoes (Unistar)
5 Recommendations to Parents
  1. Parents must ensure that their children are punctual and neatly dressed in the proper uniform. Children are required to bring their text books and note books to School as per the given Time Table and do their homework regularly.
  2. Parents are advised not to take their children for parties and marriages on working days.
  3. Parents are not allowed to meet the Teacher during class hours; they may make use of the School calendar to correspond with the Teacher. However, should it be absolutely necessary, parents of Primary School pupils (Std. II – VII) will be permitted to meet their child’s teacher only on Wednesdays from 3.05 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.
  4. Parents should regularly check and sign the calendar for any remarks or notices. They should also check their child’s books from time to time.
  5. Parents are requested not to send their child to School if he/she is suffering from any infectious disease. Please notify the Headmistress and Teacher immediately if your child has a contagious disease and follow the guidelines below for the period of quarantine for some common diseases. Remember to send a Fitness Certificate when your child returns to school.


Disease Recommended Quarantine period
Chicken Pox Until the scabs fall off completely (21 days)
Cholera Until complete recovery (5 days)
Measles Until the rash disappears ( 15 days)
Mumps Until the swelling has gone (21- 28 days)
Whooping Cough Until certified fit by the doctor (14 days)
Hepatitis Until certified fit by the doctor (21 days)
Flu Until certified fit by the doctor (10  days)
Conjunctivitis Until certified fit by the doctor ( 15 days)


  1. Parents must not send any presents to the Teacher, Administrative Staff or Support Staff.
  2. No funds of any kind will be collected without prior permission of the Headmistress.
  3. School authorities will not be responsible for the safety of pupils after school hours, therefore; children must be collected from school on time.
  4. It is compulsory for parents to attend any meetings or orientation programmes conducted for them by the School.
  5. Parents are hereby reminded that according to the School code they cannot dictate to the School authorities but that the School authorities have the right to prescribe the conditions for admitting a child and for retaining him/her in the School.
6 Leave of Absence
  1. A pupil cannot be kept away from school for any other reason except illness.
  2. The reason for absence must be communicated to the class Teacher or the Headmistress through the school calendar mentioning the number of days absent.
  3. If the child is absent due to an illness for more than three days the leave note in the calendar must be supported by a doctor’s certificate.
7 Beginning and End of Term
  1. The first and last day of each Term must be strictly observed. If a child leaves early before the closure of any Term his/her Report will be withheld. If a child is absent of the first day of school after any public holiday or a school vacation a fine of Rs. 100 for each day late will have to be paid.
  2. In the interest of the child, parents must abide by the opening and closing dates.
  3. No special cases will be considered and no pupil will be allowed to leave before the closing date, prior to Diwali, Christmas or summer vacations.
  4. Students who do not report to School within a month of re-opening are liable to have their names struck off the rolls.
  5. On the first day of school the pupil must report to class on time fully equipped with all his/her text and note books and he/ she must carry his /her fee receipt in absence of which he/she will not be allowed to attend school.
8 Evaluations

Every child will be assessed on two categories: Formative  & Summative


The ratio of the two differs from class to class. It is as follows:-


Class Formative Summative


  • I & II 70 Marks 30 Marks
  • III & IV 60 Marks 40 Marks
  • V & VI 50 Marks 50 Marks
  • VII & VIII 40 Marks 60 Marks


Aggregate (Total) will be taken twice a year in each term out of 100 marks and only grades will be issued for each subject in the Report Card.


      Formative Assessment:

There are eight different tools for Formative Assessment.


Summative Assessment:


20% objective + 20% subjective (open ended questions) + 60% short answers, for the written exam at the end of each term.

40 % marks are needed in each subject for passing.


  1. Any malpractice detected during examinations is punishable with expulsion from the examination hall and if discovered subsequently, the paper will not be assessed. In all such cases the pupil will be given a zero.
  2. The results once declared will under no circumstances be reconsidered or reviewed. Any attempt to bring pressure on the Headmistress for the same is improper and unbecoming and the pupil may be advised to leave the school.
9 Withdrawal
  • One months notice is required before a child is to be withdrawn from the school. Failing this, one month fees are to be paid. Those pupils who leave in April must pay their fees for May. Notice of leaving school must be given before the beginning of the holidays otherwise fees for the following term will have to be paid.
  • Pupils who leave the school in March or April must pay the fees for April and May.
  • A Leaving Certificate will be issued only after all school dues have been cleared.
  • Parents or guardians withdrawing children from the school intending to enroll them in a school outside Pune are reminded to have the Leaving Certificate issued by the school, countersigned by the Education Officer of the Zilla Parishad, Pune.
10 Parent-Teacher's Association

The P.T.A. is a body which has been very active in the school and ensures a positive flow of energy between parents, teachers and the children by providing a healthy channel of communication. It contributes to the activities of the school by lending a steady hand of support whenever required.


At the beginning of the academic year a P.T.A. Orientation Program is held for all the parents and a Committee is formed.


One parent and one teacher from each class level are nominated to be on the P.T.A. Committee. This committee meets every three months or as required to discuss various issues organise projects, workshops, activities and social events

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