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Our Boarding School

The boarding school is located in the heart of Kalyani Nagar on a sprawling campus which is only 10 minutes away from the Pune railway station and the airport; making it convenient for parents to pick up and drop off their children.

The primary school boarders (Std. 1 to Std. 4) are housed class-wise in a dormitory block with matrons to look after them. The senior school boarders (Std. 5 – 10) are in a separate block and attended by supervisors. The secondary girls’ dormitory is attached to a wing of the Principal’s Bungalow. All our classrooms are equipped for e-learning, to support and enhance the students’ learning process. 

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Jayashree Kulkarni

Headmistress, Boarding School

“I believe that "We nurture the future of country." is an untold motto of every school and I've always seen this very clearly at the Nagarvala Boarding School. I've been here for more than 25 years and I am grateful to serve as a teacher and as a Headmistress as the school always instills moral values and good behaviour. I have realized that boarding school plays a vital role in character building and I see this whenever I meet former students and hear their success stories which highlight the strong bonds between the students and the institution as a whole. “


Children are usually admitted at the beginning of the academic year in the 1st week of June. Every admission form must be accompanied by the original birth certificate issued by the proper authority in case of admission to Std. I.

In case of admissions to higher classes, a Leaving Certificate from the last school is required and in the case of students from outside Maharashtra, the L.C must be counter-signed by the Education Officer of that state.

Boys and girls will be admitted to the standard for which they are found fit after a written test. No student above the age of 18 will be admitted as a boarder.

The school authorities have the right to refuse admission to any boy or girl.

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Curriculum & Evaluations

  • The school follows the Maharashtra State Board curriculum and all evaluations are in accordance with the guidelines of the Education Department.

  • Students are evaluated based on daily observations, class tests and Unit Tests. The first Semester Examination is usually conducted before the Diwali holidays and the second Semester Examination is conducted before the summer holidays.

  • Std. 10  students have monthly unit tests from June to December.

Our Facilities 
  • Games are compulsory and all the children play games daily.

  • Football, basketball, volleyball, handball, hockey, throwball and athletics are played in the evenings under the supervision of dedicated coaches and physical education teachers.

  • The boys and girls are allocated different houses. In order to encourage a spirit of healthy competition, various inter-house matches and athletic competitions are held every year.

  • It is compulsory for boarders to represent their house in inter-house competitions. All points scored by individual pupils are for the house.

  • Indoor games such as draughts, chess, carrom, etc. are also encouraged.

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Co-Curricular Activities
  • Students are encouraged to take part in English, Hindi and Marathi Speech, drama and quiz competitions which are held house-wise. Indian dancing is compulsory for girls.

  • The students participate in various Art & Information Technology competitions and quizzes. They also appear for the Elementary and Intermediate Art Examinations and the Hindi Rashtra Bhasha Examination, under the supervision of our staff.

Accomodation Facility
  • The boarders from Std. 1 to Std. 4 are accommodated in a spacious dormitory. Class-wise dormitories are under the care of a resident matron and supported by domestic helpers and a school nurse.

  • The borders of the secondary section (Std. 5 to Std. 10) reside separately in another dormitory building under the supervision of hostel supervisors.

  • The girls of the secondary section are housed in a wing of the principal’s bungalow.

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Dining Facility
  • Meals are prepared under careful supervision and served in the large dining room which seats over 200 children at a time.  All the meals are vegetarian; however, eggs are also served.

  • Every pupil in the primary section from Std. 1 to 4 is given a cup of milk in the morning and at tea time.

  • The normal meals are breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner.

Medical Facility

The school has a medical consultant who visits the school every day and a school nurse is available 24 hours a day.   In case of serious illness, necessary hospital care is provided by the school and parents are informed immediately and are requested to come and take charge of the child and take him/her home if required for necessary treatment.

Boarding School Fees
Fees and Payment of Bills

All students being admitted as boarders must pay Rs 5000/- caution money. If a student fails to join the school by the specified period, the amount will be refunded on producing the original receipt for the same. The caution money will also be refunded when a student leaves the school after giving one month's notice, provided the student has no outstanding bills and has no library books or any other school property in his possession. The caution money will be refunded only in the month of June following the date when it becomes payable.

Fees can be paid in two instalments after the 1st year.

A student joining late in the term will have to pay the whole term's fees.

Once a student is admitted to the hostel, he/she will have to pay fees for the entire term.

All fees must be paid in advance. Outstanding dues must be settled at the beginning of the term. If the bill remains unpaid, 12% interest will be charged on all the bills. The Principal can request the removal of any pupil whose accounts are in arrears.

Board exams - Annual Results (Boarding School)



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